Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Weight loss energy drink?

Wow some great new guys has happen to the health industry a Drink called hiro thermo has been released. This drink comes from Tahitian Noni International a company that has built the Noni industry into what it is today around its flagship product Tahitian Noni juice. The drink is different from all the other Hiro Noni drinks except for the noni, thermo hiro helps with weight loss. Hiro thermo is said to burn ten calories upon consumption and then another ten calories through out the day. Amazing a energy drink that helps you loose weight by just drinking it(sounds like science fiction). The power of Thermo hiro comes from ingredients including caffeine and noni to create a thermogenic metabolic burst which means it speeds up the chemical reactions in the body, which causes the consumer to shed a some unwanted weight

So this is a fat burner that everyone would want to incorporate in their daily diets . I knew that the thermo hiro was going to be released months in advance, I heard the news from the T.O.P.G.U.N convention which is hosted by Mr topgun himself Robert Dean.Robert Dean usually gets information from Tni ( Tahitian Noni International ) before others in the TNI since Robert Dean is one of the top producers in Tni. Thermo hiro is going to take the world by storm so everyone get a therm hiro and let thermo results speak for itself.

P.s. I think this noni drink is going out the Black curant