Saturday, December 15, 2007

Robert Dean Jr. a millionaire maker!

Hello everyone ,today I want to see a new man man in the history books by the name of Robert dean Jr. Robert dean Jr. is a guy who makes well over $300,000 a month ,Imagine that. I know that sounds a little unrealistic but this guy name Robert Dean a real person just like you me who just got tired of working a 9-5 and getting pennies for his valuable time. Robert Dean has tried an assortment of companies such as Lawn Service ,Real Estate, and Assortment of traditional Brick and Mortar type of businesses.Robert Dean Jr. was relatively successful in everything he attempted which also included getting a good education and joining the marines, even after having all that Robert Dean was still missing one thing which I call freedom. Robert Dean knew all the money in the world could not buy back all the time in the world.

So in the mid 90's Robert Dean Jr. found a business structure called network marketing.Placed in his first network marketing company Robert Dean reached $10,000 mark fast but he still was missing something. So Robert Dean kept searching and he found an Industry which people were making a lot of money on a passive level which his other network marketing didn't compare to payouts of this company. This Industry is a Newly found Industry involving a super fruit called the Noni. The company that started in 1996 with the discover of beneficial qualities that the noni could provide for the health industry is Tahitian Noni International. So Robert Dean took an oppurtunity that was relatively new in 2001 and ran with it breaking numerous records in Tahitian Noni in just his first year. Robert Dean hit the highest position In Tni in record time. Not only that but has created 12 Millionaires in the company such as Barry Byrd,Herschel Gibbs,Donna Allen ,James Tucker and many more Tahitian Noni consultants.The millionaire maker team is called Topgun International.Topgun is also the fastest growing team in Tni and Topgun has more people in it that hit high company records in record time.This year Robert Dean ,Barry Byrd and Herschel Gibbs came out with a magazine called topgunsuccess which feature all the top members of the topgun team. Also by the year 2008 Robert Dean wants to goon Oprah for creating the most recorded millionaires which Robert Dean intends to be over 500. Which is very possible since Tahitian Noni international is going on the stock market Late next year. He is not known as Robert Dean anymore his name is Triple diamond Black Robert Dean prestigious ain't it. So you want to be a millionaire maker like Robert Dean Jr. and a millionaire look at this video about his revolutionary company Tahitian non International.


AmalakiNews said...

robert dean is a ignite guy?

jerry john said...

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