Monday, December 17, 2007

Hiro is now in Vietnam!

Hiro global presence is now starting to be felt all over the world and everyone in a different countries where hiro was launched were super ecstatic.The latest designation is Vietnam which about 5,00o Ipcs could not wait for the release. The mobility,vitality and energy drinks were all released at same time. Also the release part was an event like no other that was thrown by Tahitian Noni in the Viennese region. The spectacle was full of dancing and a lot of entertainment. Believe or not the event took some people 12 hours to reach.

Also an assortment of prizes were given out such hiro wrapped bikes,washing machines and refrigerators. This was a sold out event it happen in the city of Hanoi. Then this event again happen in Ho Chi Minh City. Imagine that Hiro is not only a powerful healthy beverage in the Us but its influence is found internationally. If you are new and want to know more visit Tahitian Noni