Friday, December 21, 2007

Barry byrd and His Livelyhood because of Topgun

Hey I am here to talk about one of my most favorite Ipcs distributor in Tahitian Noni International he goes by the name of Barry Byrd. Barry Byrd is one of the founding fathers of Topgun Inc. a subsidiary team under Robert Dean in Tahitian Noni International . Barry Byrd had a humble beginning being a semi successful networker in the mlm industry until One his friends, Robert Dean (of course) told him about a Tahitian Noni International that had the highest payout compensation plan and a quality product which is called Tahitian Noni Juice. Barry Byrd was some what reluctant at first but after seeing Robert Dean earning some checks that were bigger than his then upon seeing this Barry Byrd came on board with Topgun Inc.

Right now Barry Byrd is one of top earners in Topgun making well over 60 grand a month. Barry Byrd also hit one of the highest positions in Tahitian Noni which is Tripple Diamond Black Pearl and upon reaching this level he became a Noni millionaire meaning he was inducted in Tahitian Noni millionaire club. You can find Barry Byrd on on Youtube too. I also have a video Of Barry Byrd and what has Tahitian Noni has done for him.