Sunday, February 3, 2008

noni marketing success

One of the most complimentary things about Tahitian Noni International has been our success path. The Success path usually rewards the top performing Ipc's for hitting new levels in Tahitian Noni.The Success path was established in the early 2000's to take place of older obsolete method of rewarding for previous achievement in Tni.The success path wasn't really hard to climb for inspired Ipc,s but Tahitian Noni International has made the success path so much easier to get to top of now. One of the biggest changes that has been made was Tahitian Noni International has gotten rid of the Asqv4 requirement. Auto shipment is having people in your organization having to purchase a case of Tahitian Noni juice ship to their house each and every month.

This doesn't mean you don't have to meet a certain criteria in asqv4 it just means you don't have to meet the collective asqv4. Like for example it took 16,000 asqv4 or about 130 cases of juice to be auto ship through out an Ipc's organization to meet the qualification of Jade. Now all you have to do is hit the position of Jade or whatever TNI position , get to the paid as status 'and you will automatically qualify for jade camp. Can you see the all success path trips are going to be really pack because this will like double or triple the amount of people who get to go to each and every trip . I think this is a brilliant marketing move for Tahitian Noni International, having more people qualify faster means more people will consider staying in the business longer. This will indefinitely cut the attrition rate of people in Tahitian Noni in half.

With this program starting up it will create so much more momentum in tni like it might increase the size of some Ipc,s organization by 10 fold. This is one of the best strategies put in place for Tni to increase their company revenue so when Tahitian Noni International hits the stock market, shares are going to the roof.Their are other network companies in the stock market like prepaid legal, and so of other health company as slipped my mind.With our cafe plans , are thermo drink and all other thing that may be released at the convention TNi will be untouchable in the stock market.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are You Really Using Nonioffice Pro?

While being apart of the worlds leading network marketing company Tahitian Noni might be a prize in itself. But truthfully it is not enough to get you a noni lifestyle yet. You need a very powerful nonitool which would be nonioffice pro. Nonioffice is basically a website Tahitian noni gives to its Ipcs to perform business tasks more proficiently. Let us be honest, out of the whole organization of Tahitian noni only a few probably use nonioffice. Why get nonioffice pro you might ask? I will answer you with, majority of the United States lives on the Internet.

I really like using nonioffice for a couple of tasks to be frankly honest. I use noniffice pro to create advance contact list so i can inform people who may be interested in becoming an Tni representative. I also use nonioffice forums so I can talk to other Ipcs all over the world and see what they do in their business. Here is something I know every nonioffice user uses noniffice for is too know how many people have joined your organization. These charts have many custom settings so you could meet goals you might have each every month.Also tahitian noni has great website techs that can help you figure out all the controls to nonioffice.

I am not going to tell you too much because i really want you to use Nonioffice pro and see what it can do for you.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Perpare your for the Tahitian International Conference of 2008!

It is already that time of year the 2008 leadership conference is just around the corner .It takes place from February 14-17 packed with events and things surrounding Tahitian Noni. I went to 2007 leadership Conference and it was to die for. here are some pics of last years Illc a the top. You cab see all the smiling faces and guess what topgun international made up a lot of Ilc which was so amazing. but sadly to say I don't have enough money this year so if you like you can support me by adding something to my paypal account remember every little thing helps

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Weight loss energy drink?

Wow some great new guys has happen to the health industry a Drink called hiro thermo has been released. This drink comes from Tahitian Noni International a company that has built the Noni industry into what it is today around its flagship product Tahitian Noni juice. The drink is different from all the other Hiro Noni drinks except for the noni, thermo hiro helps with weight loss. Hiro thermo is said to burn ten calories upon consumption and then another ten calories through out the day. Amazing a energy drink that helps you loose weight by just drinking it(sounds like science fiction). The power of Thermo hiro comes from ingredients including caffeine and noni to create a thermogenic metabolic burst which means it speeds up the chemical reactions in the body, which causes the consumer to shed a some unwanted weight

So this is a fat burner that everyone would want to incorporate in their daily diets . I knew that the thermo hiro was going to be released months in advance, I heard the news from the T.O.P.G.U.N convention which is hosted by Mr topgun himself Robert Dean.Robert Dean usually gets information from Tni ( Tahitian Noni International ) before others in the TNI since Robert Dean is one of the top producers in Tni. Thermo hiro is going to take the world by storm so everyone get a therm hiro and let thermo results speak for itself.

P.s. I think this noni drink is going out the Black curant

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Discovered Two new compounds in Noni!

Here is a research article on Noni and its unusually discovery of two new compounds that were never known until know. This some good documentation of how revolutionary Tahitian Noni juice is and and what separates us from all the other juices such as xango, monavie and golgi. and be sure o download this e-book because how Robert Dean says it documentation beats conversation.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Black Curant Noni is no more!

Tahitian Noni early in the fourth quarter of business, released a super drink called the black currant the black currant which was a super antioxidant blend that had three times the vitamin C orange juice has. The juice was a big hit in the Tahitian Noni circle which was like no other Noni product before it. The black currant blend also had a taste that was out of this world so I hope all the Noni Ipcs or customers would demand it back. So farewell black currant juice blend we hardly knew yee.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Trim Plan 40 live good and feel great?

One of the most powerful products next to the flagship product Tahitian Noni juice is ttp40 or we call trim plan 40.Noni Juice is great for weight loss but it cannot fully cover the needs for woman over 40. This product line was designed by Mrs Olsen the wife of Tahitian Noni president Kelly Olsen. At one point in her life she was getting a little over weight so she tried a lot weight loss products but really not to many had the special needs for woman over the age of forty years old.Mrs Olsen did experiment after experiment until she came up with a multi pack of products synthesized around Noni juice and she called trip plan 40.In its original state it was designed for woman because it initially had a hormone balancer which help set women who go threw he change of life meaning they discontinue their period.

Now Mrs Olsen travels across the country giving trim plan 40 lesson to different people with the help of her friend Laura Cambell. So Now with trim plan 40 and trim plan 40 certification it gives a lot of woman something they can really Identify with Tahitian Noni International.
Here is a brief commercial of Tahitian Noni internationals trim plan 40.