Monday, August 20, 2007

Top Gun convention coming

Thats right you heard it from me the topgun convention will be in a couple days starting this Wednesday and ending this Saturday. While you there make sure you say hi to mr Robert dean Jr who is number one person in Tahitian Noni for having top Asqv4 this guy is epitome of success he beat guys like ken Roland and Terry Sowards for number one spot. Rober dean is also the host of the topgun convention and he also the Ceo of of the the Topgun Convention.This guy is basically like a Noni master who makes millionaires like McDonald's Make hamburgers quick out of anything.He has over 100,000 people in his organization and he makes way more than 300,000 a month which is 20 times greater than a guy who works at Wal-mart make in a year.Also there is plenty other network gurus you're going see there like Tony Flemmings ,Barry Byrd and Herschel Gibbs which are all in robert deans downline part of the illustrious team topgun. On top of that he is going to release new topgun technology that is said to revolutionize the mlm industry and make many people hit the position of diamond pearl or above in record time. Can you say exciting.

Update 12/16/07; The Topgun convention was very memorable all the Triple diamond black pearls gave presentations.New comers Suzette Park and Valencia blew everyone away with their training and showing people the real power of a woman. Also Robert Dean release he topgunsuccess magazine and also released the topsuccess site which has a lot of goodies different than noniworks.So guys noniworks don't work anymore Go to topgunsuccess